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We are the environmentally conscious

seed company that cares.

Specialists in organic herb and vegetable seeds.


Ethical Organic Seeds is a company based on ethical business principles, with a passion for growing.

We select only the best seeds, suited to organic growth in the UK climate and weather conditions. 

Our seeds are sourced from growers who are environmentally responsible and organically approved

All our seed packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable and compostable packaging with sowing/growing info and sold them to you at an amazing price.

We love plants, nature and the planet so we try to do all we can to not make a negative impact on the things we love.



Organic seeds are grown in a way that is less harmful to the environment that we live in.

One of the biggest threats to nature and the many species of insects, plants and animals that live on our planet is agriculture, especially modern industrial practises.


Most seeds are grown in intensive mono-culture farms with no consideration for the impact they might be causing. They spray pesticides that not only kill the insects that damage crops but everything else too. Supporting this kind of farming practice has detrimental impacts on us all.

Organic farming and good ethical use of the environment can reduce the human impact on nature and can even reverse some of the damage we have already done.

By growing organically from organically produced seeds we are helping to sow a better, greener future for us all.


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