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Rhubarb Seeds "Victoria" Organic

Rhubarb Seeds "Victoria" Organic

Seeds per pack; 5 (2-3 plants is usually plenty)


Sow; April - May

Plant out; May - June

Harvest; The following year from Spring into Summer


Rhubarb Victoria is a heavy-yielding perennial which once established will return year after year. The rhubarb is juicy, sweet and tart. It is well known for its flavour so is perfect for making rhubarb pies, tarts and preserves.


Sow rhubarb seeds in March or April, indoors in seed trays or modules with peat-free compost. Once they are a good size, transplant them outside (after the last frost) into a sunny spot that drains well.


Plants should be spaced about 60-90 cm (24-36 in) apart and kept well watered.


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