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Courgette Seeds 'Black Beauty' ORGANIC

Courgette Seeds 'Black Beauty' ORGANIC

SKU: 690

Seeds per pack; 5 (2-3 plants is usually plenty)


Sow; April - May


Germination; 5 - 7 days

Plant out; May - June

Harvest; June - Oct


Courgettes belong to the same family as squashes, cucumbers and melons. Courgette plants are prolific and 2 to 3 plants will usually produce more courgettes than you can eat.


Black Beauty produces glossy dark-green, cylindrical courgettes with tasty white flesh inside. They crop over a long period and should be harvested when they are 25cm long,


Sow in pots under-cover about 1-2cm deep and keep warm. Harden off and plant out when all risk of frost has passed.


Plants should be spaced about 60-90 cm (24-36 in) apart and kept well watered.


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