What can I sow now?

Our ultimate guide to when you can plant what, how to sow the seeds and how to care for your plants

This is our comprehensive guide to which plants should be sow in which month with a few basic care tips for each plant. Whilst many plants have extended periods recommended for sowing it’s a good idea for best results to try and stick to the periods where they are prime for sowing.


We understand that a lot of our customers are experienced gardeners, but this page is aimed for those who may be planting or sowing seeds for the first time.


To understand more about our products we have 5 main categories including companion plants (flowers to attract insects to pollinate the vegetables), herbs, vegetables, green manures (to improve soil) and sprouting seeds (quick-growing seeds to eat).


If you simply want to see what you can plant now, please click the current month from the options below. 


French Sorrel