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"Tea Lover" Organic Herb Eco-Friendly Gift Box
  • "Tea Lover" Organic Herb Eco-Friendly Gift Box

    The recipient of this gift box should have a cupboard full of different tea varieties and be a keen tea drinker! 


    They might have never considered making herbal tea before, but this gift box will give them all the tools they require to make some delicious homegrown tea.


    This gift box gives detailed instructions on how to grow peppermint and chamomile and then how to use create tea from these.


    The box contains:

    • Organic Peppermint Seeds
    • Organic Chamomile Seeds
    • 2 Ceramic Pots with Drainage Holes and Saucers
    • Bamboo Plant Labels
    • Organic Peat-free Compost
    • Metal Plant Mister
    • Instructions on How to Grow


    All Labels and Flyer are environmentally friendly & recyclable.

    All packaging is natural, recyclable and biodegradeable.


    Limited number of gift boxes are available.


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