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Organic Tomato 'Jani' Seeds

Organic Tomato 'Jani' Seeds

Organic Tomato 'Jani' Seeds 


Seeds per pack;

economy - approx 10

regular - approx 20

large - approx 50


Sow; Jan - April

Harvest; Jun - Oct


Jani is a bush variety that grows up to 80cm and produces excellent salad tomatoes. It produces very big fruit and can be grown outside in sheltered spot or grows well in a poly tunnel.


Sow seeds in a heated propagator or warm windowsill from Jan (February - March is best).

 Sow in a tray approx 1cm deep in compost. Tomato plants grow very large so don’t sow too many or you will have nowhere to plant them all.

Once the plants have grown their first true leaves they can be potted on into individual pots and placed in a warm, sunny location.


Plant out about 50-75cm apart into a cool greenhouse or outside from the end of May or after the last frost and the temperature has warmed a bit. If you decided to sow your seeds in January, they should be very large by now and usually quite leggy which is why I recommend sowing later.



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