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Organic Spinach 'New Zealand' Seeds

Organic Spinach 'New Zealand' Seeds

Seeds per pack;

economy: approx. 16

regular: approx. 32

large: approx. 64


Sow; March - May 


Like Perpetual Spinach, New Zealand Spinach is not a true spinach, but comes with lots of benefits such as resistance to bolting as well as frost resistance. It also does attract pests in the same way as true spinach.


Sow from March - May. Seeds can be sown in modules inside grown in nutrient-rich compost and seeds MUST be kept moist at all times to germinate.


It needs more space than true spinach, so allow 60cm between plants.

Harvest leaves when the plant is about 30cm high. 

Leaves must be cooked before eating. 



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