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Cucamelon "Solana" Organic Seeds

Cucamelon "Solana" Organic Seeds

SKU: 778

5 Seeds per Pack


Sow: April - May

Transplant: May - June

Harvest: July - October


Cucamelons are a Mexican gherkin, which look like a mini melon, but taste like a cucumber with a citrus twist. They have become very popular in the UK for their unique appearance and refreshing flavour. Cucamelons can be used for pickling, salads and garnish.


To Sow: Place seeds on compost in a propagator with a light dusting of compost to cover. 

Keep seeds moist and at a temperature of 20C to germinate. Once sprouted, wait until 3 leaves have formed before transplanting in a sheltered position. Harvest from June onwards.

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